Our Process


Our proposal is to offer a bespoke, engineered and manufactured solution that suits the requirements of home owners and corporate clients alike.

These units are designed using BIM are assembled offsite and brought to site and erected in the shortest possible site. They are of high quality and encompass the needs of the homeworker. Each will be aesthetically pleasing and tailored to the needs of the client.


Unlike many of our competitors, Home 2 Office’s modular spaces are designed us constructed from engineered galvanised steel frame sections not timber, This structure is then insulated water proofed and pre wired with plug an play conn alow the space to be used for what ever the client requires from home office, garde gym.

The external façade can be anything that the client requires from composite or woo through to through colour render or brick slips, in order to match the desired effect the client.A standard portfolio will be available so that clients can purchase “off the shelf how want to focus on bespoke client solutions.


UK based supply chain to a specific quality assured checklist. The components are then assembled in our facilities maintaining our quality assurance checklist ,and tested. Once assembled the units are taken to site and installed the average installation on site will be one day.

Upon installation the client signs acceptance of the installation and their 10 (15) year Insurance backed guarantee backed by a UK based insurance company. These units are engineered to last and our approach means that our clients current needs are met with confidence that their future requirements can be fulfilled also.